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But wait.

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Has somebody ever said what is Bitcoin, officially? What noun would you use?

Ce este Bitcoin? Nu este doar una

Digital asset? Decentralized money?

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Investment tool? Does it matter, even?

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Well, if you want to stay around like a smart bitcoiner, it may matter a lot. Because a name implies duties and rights. XRP could say that very well after being classified and sued as a security, eh?

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So, what is Bitcoin, exactly? Where can we top bitcoin cloud mining companii that information? Sadly or luckilythe answer is nowhere. Did you find just one?

Плато же по сравнению с лесом казалось скучным и не обремененным никакими событиями, Оно было плоским, если не считать нескольких дюймов перепада по высоте между одним его краем и другим, и простиралось далеко, до самого горизонта. Было похоже, что оно заросло редкой, похожей на проволоку травой. Они опустились над ним до высоты в пятьдесят футов, но так и не разглядели никаких признаков животной жизни, что, по мнению Хилвара, было несколько странно. Он решил, что, возможно, приближение корабля загнало обитателей плато под землю.

Maybe two or three? We bet the answer is a bitcoin cmc no. So, can they use the name like that?

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Only because they want to? The answer is a huge yes.

В юности он ничем не отличался от товарищей. Только когда он повзрослел и пробудившиеся воспоминания о прежних существованиях нахлынули на него, только тогда он принял роль для которой и был предназначен давным-давно. Порой все в нем восставало против того, что великие умы, которые с таким бесконечным искусством создали Диаспар, в состоянии даже теперь, спустя века и века, заставлять его дергаться марионеткой на выстроенной ими сцене. И вот у него -- кто знает.

Because of the MIT license and whatnot. Craig Wright. Source: craigwright.

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Probably the last of it came from the Australian businessman Craig Wright in January. So, he threatened with legal actions against the BTC whitepaper hosters. This, supposedly, for copyright infringement, even when the cryptocurrency is still open-source and free software.

As a result, it was quickly created a movement on Twitter under the hashtag BitcoinPdf for the users and companies to share the document on their own websites and networks. Thousands of them joined, and we also shared it pe Alfacash.

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Now, this can be proved unsuccessful, but what about the governments? They can say what is Bitcoin as they deem it more convenient for their interests, indeed.

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And not every country or even state will have the same concept. For Estonia, is an asset. So, what is Bitcoin cmc heavily depends on who you ask.

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What is Bitcoin? It was a direct fork from the first cryptocurrency which means the same transaction historyit was supported by bitcoin cmc powerful people and community and it brought some technical improvements as well.

Why not?

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Our BTC is still the one, but not even because of that. Elizabeth Stark put a nice example: imagine that a government or some powerful entity manages to seize and control BTC.

A shared collective belief.


Bitcoin is controlled by all Bitcoin users around the world. In order to stay compatible with each other, all users need to use software complying with the same rules.

Bitcoin can only work correctly with a complete consensus among all users. In conclusion: Bitcoin BTC is, and will always be, what most users determine that is. Later, only the time will tell.

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