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As part of these transactions, ownership of a basket of German government bonds and a basket of corporate bonds was swapped between UBS and Commerzbank, both using Clearstream Banking S.

The successful launch of the platform is an important milestone for the implementation of DLT in the securities lending market. Our mission statement from the very beginning has been to deliver solutions for specific pain points in the market, and so we worked very closely with a core group of banks to deliver an operating model that was designed by the market, for the market.

It enables treasury departments to manage their collateral pools more efficiently by significantly reducing the settlement cycle and avoiding resource-intensive collateral movements.

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It is a first but important step toward a new ecosystem where tokenised assets can be traded in a DLT environment. We are delighted to have worked with HQLAX since the very beginning and look forward to collaborating with them in the future.

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We hope that innovative ideas like this bring more liquidity to the secured funding markets and allow them to operate more efficiently. We look forward to our continued collaboration with HQLAX and its bitcoin live trading nulled ecosystem of custodians and market participants to help shape strategic innovation in the securities lending market. Meanwhile, J. The digital collateral registry layer enables delivery-versus-delivery DvD ownership transfers of baskets of securities, eliminating the operationally onerous requirement to move securities across fragmented securities settlement systems.

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HQLAX is a financial technology innovation firm that specialises in delivering liquidity management and collateral management solutions for institutional clients in the global securities lending and repo markets.